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Grub Conf is a Gnome2 based GRUB configuration editor. It provides an easy to use interface allowing effortless modification of OS's and the flexibility to configure the most obscure options. Designed to require minimal user interaction while providing tools for the most adventurous user.


 { 2005.09.04 } GrubConf Has Retired

A project, Gnome System Tool, includes a grub configuration utility which I would recommend people use instead of gurbconf.

 { 2004.03.20 } GrubConf 0.5.1 Released

Minor release to fix a compile error with a new GCC.

 { 2003.05.03 } GrubConf 0.5 Released

This release tries to allow configuration and detection of splashimage support. It also expands the GRUB configuration support. It is meant to setup a 1.0 release.

 { 2003.04.11 } GrubConf 0.4 Released

This release makes major changes to the GUI in an aim to increase usability with layout changes and added configuration options. It also expands the command line interface and provides device automounting.

 { 2003.03.29 } GrubConf 0.3 Released

This is a huge release that has been delayed becuase of technical difficulties and decisions to include more features. Some of the features added are an integrated help system and support for extended partitions.

 { 2003.03.28 } Documentation Added

The documentation that is to be included in the next release has been converted to html and added to the web documentation. You can find the new documentation here.

 { 2003.02.15 } GrubConf 0.2 Released

This release is a *major* bug cleanup and feature enhancement from the last release. All bugs that were submitted / found have been addressed and hopefully fixed.

 { 2003.02.08 } GrubConf 0.1.1 Released

GrubConf is a Gnome2 based GRUB configuration utility. This release is aimed to cleanup the 0.1 release, making changes to the build system and minor GUI enhancements.

 { 2003.02.05 } GrubConf 0.1 is Released!

After a long wait Grubconf-0.1-beta was released today. It provides basic functionality with aims to generate improvements in compatability with GRUB configurations.

 { 2003.02.05 } Official Website Launched

This website was launched today between the subtle chaos of the initial beta release of GrubConf.

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